Viewing trips

We have a lot of Personal experience of the villages and the houses, and we realise that to help you get the most out of your Bulgarian Property Experience, we need to give the client the opportunity to see the houses and villages in person and get a first hand impression of the property. To see the benefits and maybe the disadvantages of the villages and the houses, and therefore let the client make a decision with all the facts and information clear and present. We want you to feel the local spirit, see the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the fresh air – in Bulgaria it is a truly magnificent lifetime experience. And that is why we are here to help you.

We are not only a Bulgarian estate Agent, but we have a team of lawyers, notary officials, accountants and Builders etc. So we are here to introduce you to as many of them as you need, and to make sure that you are comfortable in your decision to move and invest in Bulgaria.

We are friendly with the mayors, in alot of the villages, and so once you decide which village suits your personal needs, we will introduce you to the mayor, and make sure that you are satisfied and begin the progress to Integrate with the locals.

To suit our customers’ requirements and meet their needs, Bulgarian Property Experts has put together a package to arrange viewing trips. The duration varies from 1- 14 days, but since we are flexible and our main concern is that the client is happy, we are able to fully customize your own viewing trip.

We can offer to meet you at the airport, and bring you back to a house in one of the villages   (or Hotel, in the town, if preferred) or we can help you to hire a car, and meet you in the Town of Popovo.

The average duration of a viewing trip is 2 or 3 days, all spent in showing you Bulgarian properties selected after careful research to meet your specifications. We aim to offer only the best properties on the Bulgarian market, before we meet, you will send us a list of your requirements and we will show you properties that we believe will suit those specifications.

In the evenings you can enjoy the Bulgarian hospitality and cuisine, night life or Even relax and chill at your Hotel/Villa . We will meet you with our friendly team of employees, as well as with our expert solicitors, accountants and builders, if required. They are all fluent in English, have lots of experience and really committed to make your Bulgarian property dream a reality.

No matter what time, you are set to arrive in Popovo, we will meet and greet you and make sure you are booked in and comfortable in your accommodation.

We will arrange every detail of your stay, and can help you with booking flights home, printing off tickets, checking taxi or train times. Or help with any aspect of Bulgaria. 

So what does a viewing trip include?

For this, we will meet you and take you to your accommodation, and arrange to show you around any villages and any properties, that will suit your requirements.

In a week, we usually spend 3-4 days showing you around property, depending on your budget, and how quickly you may find the house of your dreams.

We will introduce you to other English in the Area, if you would like, and can show you what can be done with a Bulgarian house, and our team of builders.

If you would like more information about any of our services and fees, please feel free to contact us.