Our Lawyer

We use a legal representative who is very professional. The main thing in my opinion, when dealing with English customers, is that our Lawyer can actually speak English.

This insures, that the customer, (You), can understand every step of the process.  And we do not go forward, until this is clear.

Our legal representative acts as both our translator and our lawyer preparing all the legal papers and documents. All documents are stamped and signed in front of a notary, to make it legally binding. If you wish to use separate lawyer and translator, that can also be arranged. or if you would like to find your own lawyer, again that is not an issue. Our main aim, is that you are at ease and happy to go on with all the paperworks.

We have worked with this same legal specialist  for a while now, and he has dealt with problems small and large. Every time making paperwork quickly and efficiently and following through right till the very end of each stage making sure you are kept informed.

He has customers from all over Europe and represents big companies like American coffee franchises and big factories and warehouses, down to  little companies which are only set up in order for the owner to buy property in Bulgaria.
No matter what the size of your company, the size of your wallet, or the country you come from, this lawyer has one price and respects and deals with everybody's business in the same professional manner.

If there is a legal problem, that you want help fixing, and you can not find a price on this website. Please contact us. We will be able to help you find the best way to deal with your problem and settle your mind quickly.