Sadina Village


Sadina village is one of the bigger villages in the area, with around 1000 people living there. 

There is a park in the centre, along with a post office, council building, bar, 5/6 shops.

There is a 24 hour petrol station in the village as well. 

Internet has been supplied to the village via wireless, and costs approximately 20 leva a month. 

There are already British people who have invested in the village, but at the moment, they come for summer months to visit. They are not permanent residence. 
The area is rich in nature, including hunting and fishing areas.
The famous artificial lake Iastrebino is only 40 minutes drive away from the village.
Cherni Lom River is in the vicinity as well. 
The Varna airport is 170 km away as well as the Black Sea coastline and the sea resorts. 
The region is not far away from Romania and Danube River, either.
The big administrative center of Ruse City is only 60 miles away from the village.
The bridge Ruse-Guirgui connects Bulgaria with Romania. Ruse City is the biggest administrative center on Danube River. 

The region of Targovishte is presenting well-developed infrastructure and offers potential for developing business in different areas. 
Every year the Bulgarian sea and mountain resorts, the beautiful nature and outstanding views are drawing more and more tourists from all over the world. 
That fact is raising the interest of both local and foreign investors, which are building modern and luxury hotels all over Bulgaria – a profitable investment. 

The near by town of Popovo (only 20 minutes driving) provides quick access to the local amenities, such as restaurants, banks, hospitals and post offices. The village is located at only 34 miles from Targovishte Municipality.


018 km (Popovo town)
055 km (Targovishte town)
061 km (Ruse City Romanian border)
092 km (Veliko Tarnovo old capital old churches and fortress)
134 km (Gabrovo ski resort)
163 km (Varna the Sea capital)
178 km (Varna Golden sand)
189 km (Albena Sea Resort)
222 km (Bourgas Airport)

253 km (Sunny Beach Resort Bourgas)
311 km (Sofia capital of Bulgaria)


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